Gender equality has been a concern for the youth sector of the Council of Europe ever since its creation The promotion of gender equality and combating any form of gender-based discrimination or gender inequality are at the heart of the Youth for Democracy programme of the Council of Europe. Youth organisations, in particular, have consistently contributed to keep theme up to date in the programme of activities of the European Youth Centres.

Gender equality is also present in the most popular educational resources of the Youth Department such as Compass, Compasito, Bookmarks and Mosaic. Sexist hate speech has been one of the most mobilising issues in the “No Hate Speech Movement” campaign. These are among the best examples educational resources and action for gender equality with young people.

The Youth Department also encourages and supports its governmental and non-governmental partners to include a gender equality dimension in their activities. The Gender Impact Assessment of the Youth for Democracy programme and the Guidelines on Gender Equality in Intercultural Youth Activities contain various recommendations and proposals that are relevant to anyone in youth work and non-formal education.

  The programme also supports the implementation of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023.

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