The review process aimed to identify how the Recommendation has impacted on youth policy-making and on young people’s access to rights in member states (including in and through the activities of youth organisations and other stakeholders). This process combined various sources of information and was based on dialogue aiming to exchange experiences and examples of good practices. The process had a transparent and consistent youth participation dimension. The guidelines for the implementation of the Recommendation outline the key approaches for conducting the review process.

Thematic focus of the review

According to the guidelines the first review should focus on:

  • Addressing discriminatory practices faced by young people on the grounds explicitly outlined in Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights or any other form identified in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (article I. of the Recommendation);
  • Removing legal, administrative and practical obstacles to the right of young people to assemble peacefully and to freely form, join and be active in associations and trade unions (article I. of the Recommendation).

The Monitoring group

The Monitoring group for the 2021 review of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 brought together a group of experts with the following profiles:

  • Representatives of the Advisory Council on Youth and the European Steering Committee for Youth;
  • European Youth Forum
  • Consultants from the Pool of European Youth Researchers
  • Council of Europe secretariat

The monitoring group’s role was to guide the process of data collection, research, review of the conclusions and final outcomes from the process. It presented the outcomes of this process to the Joint Council on Youth at its meeting in October 2021.

Fostering the further implementation of the recommendation

Following the review, the Joint Council on Youth, at its meeting in October 2023, debated ways to promote the further implementation of Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 on young people’s access rights. Various stakeholders came together to raise awareness of the suggestions outlined in the review process and to discuss examples of implementation by member States, (international) youth organisations, and youth councils.

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Endorsement of the review’s results

The Joint Council on Youth (CMJ) endorsed the conclusions and recommendations of the review process of the implementation of Recommendation on young people’s access rights at its meeting in October 2021.

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Consultative meeting to prepare the review

A consultative meeting with various target groups and stakeholders was organised in October 2021 to prepare the review process. It concluded with a proposal for the approaches, measures and calendar for the review of the implementation of the Recommendation on the young people’s access to rights.