The consultative meeting explores current and emerging opportunities of youth participation in Digital and Internet Governance processes. It supports the Council of Europe Youth Department in engaging meaningfully with the relevant questions concerning young people and their participation in digital governance and suggests priorities within this area of work. It furthermore seeks synergies between the existing processes and the priorities of the youth sector. The consultative meeting brings together youth workers or experts in the field of youth participation in Digital and Internet Governance.

The objectives of the consultative meeting are:

  • to review the current and recent developments in Digital Governance, especially those connected with youth participation and young people’s access to rights,
  • to create a common understanding and overview of how the topic of youth participation in digital governance relates to the work of the Youth Department, especially in relation to the current priorities of the Youth Sector and in relation to connected topics (Artificial Intelligence Literacy, digital citizenship education, youth participation…),
  • to make proposals to consistently integrate a focus on digital governance in Youth for Democracy programme in the period 2024-2027, particularly in respect to non-formal education and youth work, human rights education and youth participation,
  • to provide direction for future contributions to, or participation in, external processes on digital governance, and identify spaces and conditions for meaningful youth participation.


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 29-30 November 2023
European Youth Centre Strasbourg