Young people in today’s Europe are faced with an increasingly digitalised life. While a digitalised world supported young people to stay in touch with their friends and teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic, youth work was faced with increasingly complex questions around online safety, data protection and digital literacy. In theory, digitalisation has a considerable democratising potential. However, the realities of the internet and the artificial intelligence and decision-making around it, looks far more complex. And young people, the most active users of digital services, are often left out of the Internet Governance processes that influence so much of their lives. To face those challenges, the Council of Europe Youth Department has addressed youth participation in internet governance through seminars, training course and consultative meetings. In recent years, the Youth Department has also approached the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has promoted the concept of ‘AI literacy’. This site gathers all activities aimed at enhancing the digital citizenship of young people.