A new mission statement

   After 2020, the youth sector will need a new strategy that will provide policy guidance and a broad political roadmap, or mission statement, for the period 2020-30.  This strategy should be general enough so that its policy orientations do not become quickly outdated and should provide the framework within which the next five biennial programmes can be implemented. 

Based on the Council of Europe's core values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, the new strategy should draw on existing policy documents while addressing any policy gaps that have been identified, and be as flexible and innovative as possible.

The strategy development process should try to:

  • build on previous achievements of the Council of Europe youth sector; 
  • seek continuity with Agenda 2020 and learn from any identified shortcomings;
  • take into account the broader mission of the Council of Europe and the track record of the Youth Department; 
  • consider the latest political context of the Council of Europe, the interests of its member states and traditional stakeholders, and the changing profile of the youth sector and its stakeholders;
  • be designed such that the Joint Council on Youth is able to take stock periodically of the implementation of the strategy.

Below are details of the roadmap that has been drawn up by the Joint Council on Youth.