The Council of Europe and Youth

Thirty years of experience (2002)

The Council of Europe has pioneered European youth policy. On the one hand, the need to provide young people with a really creative place for participation in society was recognised and on the other, there was an awareness that the new stages in the building of Europe required not only governments but society at large to participate. From the outset, participation has been central to the Council's youth policy: "working for and with young people".

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Exploring the European youth mosaic See original image

The social situation of young people in Europe (2002)

This report is an overview of the social situation of young people in Europe. It includes all states parties to the European Cultural Convention, and thus takes a global view. Key themes are education, training and employement, family life and living arrangements, and social and political participation.

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Supporting young people in Europe

Principles, Policy and Practice (2002) volume 1

This report has endeavoured to draw out both the strategic issues and the operational challenges for effective youth policy. Based on both the national and international reports arising from seven countries accross Europe (Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Luxembourg), it has sought to highlight both common themes and significant differences in thinking and approach.

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Supporting young people in Europe

Lessons from the ‘second seven’ Council of Europe international reviews of national youth policy - volume 2

Vol. 2 develops the framework that was initially established based on reviews of national youth policy conducted between 1997-2001. Moreover, it further refines the process by which international reviews are carried out, in order to improve the experience of participating in review teams and the quality of the international reports.

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Eggs in a pan

Youth work: Speeches, Writings and Reflections by Peter Lauritzen (2008)

"Eggs in a pan" is an exceptional journey through several decades of social and political development in Europe, as seen through the eyes of Peter Lauritzen, a sensitive communicator, and well-informed analyst. In this collection of his written production, he reflects on a wide range of themes relevant to youth policy, youth work, and youth research. This collection of Peter Lauritzen's work brings together writings, interviews, and speeches from all stages of his professional career as an international civil servant at the Council of Europe, as well as from his activity in the youth and adult education fields from before he joined the institution in 1972.

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Young people at the Heart of Europe

A decade of the European Youth Centre Budapest (2006)

This book contains the contributions of numerous Europeans. All of them have at least one thing in common: in their political or professional functions, in their work or in their voluntary commitment to civil society, present or past, they have come into contact with the European Youth Centre Budapest of the Council of Europe. Their individual memories, wishes and experiences present the numerous parts of a complex puzzle, which together give a colourful and vivid picture of what made and makes the European Youth Centre Budapest.

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Youth Partnership Publications

Publications on the history of the youth sector, which emerged as a result of the Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth encompass the following:

  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 1. Relevance for today's youth work policy (2009)
  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 2. Relevance for today's youth work policy (2010)
  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 3 (2012)
  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 4 (2014)
  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 5 (2016)
  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 6 (2018)
  • The history of youth work in Europe, vol. 7 (2019)
Background knowledge books

Compendium of national youth information and counselling structures

in collaboration with ERYICA (2015)

This unique compendium traces the history of Youth Information Centre (YIC) services across the continent, describes in detail the vital role YIC services play and offers guidance and advice for those countries wishing to expand, improve or establish their own structures. In an age when mass online communication can often be overwhelming and confusing, the compendium provides a valuable single reference for those interested in and working hard for a bright future for Europe’s younger citizens.

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Starting points for combating hate speech online


The Council of Europe’s Youth Department commissioned three “mapping” studies about the realities of hate speech and young people and projects and campaigns about it. These studies are published here as a resource for the activists, youth leaders, researchers, partners and decision makers associated to the project and the online campaign. They are truly starting points: more research is needed, both on the legal and policy implications of hate speech online as on its impact and relation with young people.

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Compendium of Council of Europe approaches to key youth policy and youth work issues

Compendium of Council of Europe celebrates the 40th anniversary of  the  Council  of  Europe’s  first  European  Youth Centre and the European Youth Foundation – both created in 1972. It approaches key youth policy and youth work issues: Youth policy - Human rights education - Intercultural learning - Youth information - Youth participation - Non-formal education.

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All different - All equal: Cookbook

From starters to desserts, you will find a selection of the 365 projects promoting peace, understanding and co-operation, undertaken as part of the Council of Europe Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights, and Participation during 2006 and 2007. The book provides information  on how the projects were designed. You are also invited to discover various "spices" – that is, creative methods and innovative approaches used during the activities.

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How big is your world?

Europe, Youth and Globalisation. An anthology (2005)

This publication brings together the contents of the discussions which took place during a large-scale youth event in Strasbourg in 2004 on the themes of Europe, youth and globalisation under the slogan "How big is your world?", which brought together nearly 400 young people, experts, personalities and policy makers from all over the world. Whether in large-panel discussions or small-scale working groups, the participants of the event reaffirmed the importance of young people taking an active role in the struggle to humanise global processes and to become empowered actors of a more equitable and just process of globalisation.

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Learning from violence

The youth dimension (2004)

How to learn from violence in everyday life?In this publication, researchers from widely differing backgrounds analyse the root causes of violence from different perspectives and attempt to discover precisely how violence plays a role in the lives of young people, whether they be victims or perpetrators. The articles collected here are contributions to a seminar organised in the context of the Council of Europe's integrated project "Responses to violence in everyday live in a democratic society".

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Can youth make a difference?

See original image Youth policy facing diversity and change (2002)

This book explores the current variety of youth life-styles and elaborates on their implications for youth policy and youth work. For example, how should youth policies respond to the increasing heterogeneity of youth cultures and sub-cultures? How are current models of youth participation to be developed? And how should policies reflect young people's interest in their artistic, cultural and cyber world?

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