The Council of Europe and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine organised a study visit and seminar for youth workers and representatives of youth centres providing youth work during war time in Ukraine.

The activity brought together 35 participants who continue organising and providing youth work in various regions and places of Ukraine at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg from 5 to 10 December 2022.

The study visit and seminar in Strasbourg responded to the needs of the youth sector in Ukraine to strengthen competence and motivation of the specialists who are responding to challenges in their communities caused by military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

 The programme consisted of elements which gave the participants opportunity:

  • To meet with the Council of Europe and the city of Strasbourg officials for discussing democracy, human rights and rule of law, as well as youth policy role for ensuring them
  • To explore the educational resources and policy standards of the youth sector the Council of Europe
  • To discover the opportunities of grants provided by European Youth Foundation (EYF)
  • To exchange experiences as youth workers committed to value-based activities with youth workers came from Quality-Labelled Youth Centres, namely  De Hoge Rielen Youth Centre (Belgium), Killarney Youth Centre (Ireland), Timisoara Youth House (FITT) (Romania), Centre Cinqfontaines for Service national de la jeunesse (Luxembourg)
  • To visits socio-cultural centers and associations of Strasbourg that provide youth work
  • To explore the role of the Council of Europe Action Plan on Ukraine for youth policy and youth work through the activities of Youth for Democracy in Ukraine project
  • To discuss the recent initiatives of youth centres and youth workers as respond to war and build a network within Ukraine
  • To develop cooperation and follow-up initiatives through the co-management system of the Council of Europe youth sector.

After the study visit, the participants are able to implement their activities in Ukraine based on the values of the Council of Europe, the resources of its youth sector and network with other youth workers within Ukraine and beyond.


 The context of the study visit and seminar

This study visit took place within the Framework Programme for Cooperation in the field of Youth Policy between the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine for 2021-2025. The Framework Programme has supported youth policy reforms in Ukraine and the implementation of relevant strategy programmes, notably the National Youth Strategy 2030, the State Target Social Programme “Youth of Ukraine” 2021-2025, and new legislation in the field of youth policy and youth work in Ukraine. The priorities and modes of intervention reflect the orientations of the Council of Europe Youth Sector Strategy 2030
The programme of study visit and seminar extends the support provided to youth work in Ukraine through the project Youth for Democracy in Ukraine: Phase II.



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