The European Youth Centre Strasbourg (EYCS) is an international training, education and conference centre, which hosts activities organised by the Council of Europe youth department.

The Centre can also be used by Council of Europe directorates and external organisations for meetings, seminars and training courses, with accommodation and catering services available on the spot.

Any organisation, association, institution, structure or youth network which respects and defends the Council of Europe's values can use the EYCS and organise an activity.

Follow a participant in an activity organised in the EYCS

 Bedrooms and meeting rooms

The EYCS can propose:

  • 63 bedrooms that can accommodate 90 people: 40 single rooms, 17 twin rooms, 2 triple rooms, a studio, as well as 3 bedrooms equipped to receive wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility. With the COVID-19 sanitary measures, the EYCS maximum capacity is 60 people, accommodated in single rooms.
  • Three meeting rooms are equipped with interpretation facilities for groups of 60 people (two meeting rooms) and 135 people (one meeting room). With the COVID-19 sanitary measures, 27 to 60 people.
  • Three smaller meeting rooms for working groups, for 10 to 30 people. With the COVID-19 sanitary measures, between 9 and 20 people.
  • A leisure area the ''Austrian Room'' for about 30 people can be turned into a meeting room. With the COVID-19 sanitary measures, 15 people.

For all these meeting rooms technical assistance is available upon request.

Free WIFI throughout the building


Any organisation, association or institution planning international conferences or training courses and subscribing to the values of the Council of Europe can book the European Youth Centre Strasbourg as the venue for its activities, use its facilities, and establish contact and co-operation with the Council of Europe.

 The EYCS welcomes activities dealing with education and youth work, human rights, democracy and other areas related to the building of civil society. The Centre is well equipped to host training and seminar activities requiring facilities for interactive training methods, as well as conferences and meetings requiring interpretation.

To make a booking, please contact the EYCS Reception by email indicating the dates of your activity, as well as your needs in terms of bedrooms, meeting rooms and catering so that we can check our availability. Your request will then be submitted to our director for approval, and once approved we will confirm the booking to you. 

You will receive a first quote for your information, and if you accept it we will send you all the necessary documents to organise your activity: contract, accommodation and catering tables, a quote with a 60% deposit (to be paid one month before the start of the activity) and a technical needs document for the meeting rooms. 

You will receive the final invoice after the completion of your activity. 

The Reception Team will be delighted to be of help throughout your activity. 

How to find your way to the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg?

CTS is Strasbourg's public transport company. On this webiste Home - CTS : Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois ( you will find maps and itineraries useful while in Strasbourg. The Tram stop for the EYCS is ‘’Parlement Européen’’.

For the EYCS the price of a tram AND bus ticket is 1,80 € and should be bought from the machine on the platform. Don't forget to stamp the ticket on the platform before boarding the tram. The ticket is valid for connecting public transport for one hour after stamping.

Attention: if you purchase your bus ticket directly on the bus (not on the platform/at the bus stop) it will cost 2€.

From the railway station: A new line is now available: the bus line H, or High level of service bus. It runs directly from the railway station to the European Parliament. It serves 10 stops only every 10 minutes during the day.

From Strasbourg Airport, Entzheim : The airport is now nine minutes away from Strasbourg railway station with the TER Alsace shuttle (TER means Regional Express Train). For 4,60 € Tram+TER ticket allows you to travel between the airport and the CUS (Strasbourg Urban Area). With this ticket, you may combine your travel TER Strasbourg – Entzheim Airport with the Strasbourg public transport network (CTS). This ticket is valid for one hour and 30 minutes once it has been stamped.

Taxis: In town you can find taxis at the Railway Station and near the Homme de Fer tram stop. A taxi from town to the EYC will cost between 15 € & 25 €.


Contact Contact

European Youth Centre
30, rue Pierre de Coubertin
F - 67000 Strasbourg
Tel: + 33 3 88 41 23 00


If you wish to make a reservation, please contact the EYCS Reception.

Tel.: +33 (0) 3 88 41 23 00
Contact form

Visiting EYCS Visiting EYCS

The EYCS regularly welcomes groups and gives them a presentation of the Youth Department, its programmes and its activities, as well as documentation.

You may address your request to the EYCS reception indicating the date/schedule you would like to visit, the number of people in your group, and if possible themes that would be of interest to you. We would appreciate it if you would also mention the country(ies) you come from and the name of your organisation.

Visits are held in English and in French, and also if available, in Italian, German or Russian.

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