European Muslim Youth and Students Organisations (FEMYSO)

Debugging Artificial Intelligence

27 February - 3 March 2023 European Youth Centre Budapest

The study session “Debugging Artificial Intelligence” was organised by the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Students Organisations (FEMYSO) in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Directorate of Democratic Participation of the Council of Europe. The course took place in the European...

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Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe (SAME)

Local activism for international dialogue and global impact – The Solidarity Action Day as means for youth to stand up for international solidarity

6-10 March 2023 European Youth Centre Strasbourg

Aim: to promote the dialogue between young people across the whole European continent, strengthen their perception of solidarity and raise their awareness for cultural sensitivity by working on the concept of the Solidarity Action Day which, in addition to this, shall lead to deeper...

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Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU)

I have a say! - Ensuring democratic participation of youth by [email protected]

20-24 MARCH 2023 European Youth Centre Budapest

Aim: To improve the democratic participation of young people and school students through empowering them to advocate for access to rights and the right to vote more specifically. The methods used are drawn from non-formal education (peer learning, exchange, debates and other interactive forms...

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Rural Youth Europe/MIJARC EUROPE

Respect and Resilience – Strengthening Communities in the Face of Adversity

24-28 April 2023 European Youth Centre Budapest

Aim: The aim of the study session is to support rural youth clubs and rural youth organisations to build sustainable and resilient youth structures, to help them improve the lives of young people, with a focus on mental health. Objectives: To explore how youth participation relates to the...

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