European Youth Card Association (EYCA)

EYCA is an NGO bringing together 39 member organisations that issue the European Youth Card to over 5 million young people in 36 countries across Europe. All EYCA member organisations are committed to promoting youth mobility and participation in order to achieve the Association’s vision of a Europe where all young people are mobile and active.
It represents 39 national youth card organisations across Europe with over 5 million cards in use. All EYCA members have committed to promoting, both individually and collectively, youth mobility, healthy lifestyle and active citizenship among young people.

The Partial Agreement’s work programme is implemented in co-operation with the European Youth Card Association, EYCA.

The European Youth Card is available to all young people under the age of 30, irrespective of their nationality or whether they are students or not. The card gives young people access to over 60,000 discounts and benefits on transportation, accommodation, culture, sports, education, services and products.

In addition to discounts and benefits, EYCA member organisations work to offer cardholders various projects and programmes.

Major programme areas include:

  • Boosting youth employability and entrepreneurship through non-formal learning projects and internship schemes;
  • Active citizenship and political participation;
  • Rewards programmes encouraging positive lifestyles;
  • Community engagement and volunteering;
  • Supporting inclusive youth mobility for young people with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds, etc.

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