ERYICA’s role is to foster co-operation in the field of youth information work and services; to develop, support and promote quality general youth information policy and practice at all levels; and to ensure that the information needs of young people and the principles of the European Youth Information Charter are respected.

The guide Greening Youth Information Services provides tips and examples of good practices related to designing and providing greener youth services. It provides examples on how to inform, engage and support young people on environmental sustainability and climate action.

What is ERYICA?

ERYICA is an international non-profit-making association, created in 1986, which aims to ensure European co-ordination and representation in the field of youth information and counselling and to develop a European Network of youth information and counselling services. For further information please visit the website of ERYICA at:


Since April 1997, the Council of Europe maintains a Partnership Agreement with the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA), based on Recommendation No R (90) 7 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe concerning information and counselling for young people in Europe.

The partnership agreement has been established to promote and develop European co-operation in Youth Information and counselling, in particular by organising training activities for professionals involved in Youth Information and counselling.