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In the Europe Explained podcast we talk to the experts on the front line, to get an in-depth analysis of the key issues affecting our everyday lives.

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L'Atelier de l'Europe
Discovering the Council of Europe’s art collection

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New releases

Art tears down walls – Berlin Wall (in French)

7 min 40 23 May 2024

The fall of the Berlin Wall symbolised the reunion of Eastern and Western Europe. Over the years, the Wall was taken over by artists and anonymous individuals. These sections were chosen for their emblematic value: beneath a sentence in French, the word Freiheit (freedom) shines through.

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Sensitive matters – Human rights (in French)

7 min 12 21 May 2024

As a precursor to Arte Povera, Antoni Tàpies liked to work with simple materials. “Working with cardboard lets you say some quite serious things,” he said. The Catalan artist etched and textured his works to show the traces left by and on Humankind.

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Dancing with destiny – Man, time and space (in French)

4 min 40 17 may 2024

This statue by Ion Mandrescu shows that humanism is not confined to a sphere or circle but can escape through the spiral of destiny. A degree of optimism about the human condition permeates the message of this work, which bravely accepts fatality.

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12 stars on the moon – European Flag (in French)

5 min 23 15 May 2024

In 1972, on its return from space, the European flag was encased in a Baccarat crystal sphere created by Robert Rigot. This podcast tells the fascinating tale of the European flag, from its creation by the Council of Europe in 1955 through its trip to the moon.

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The colours of freedom – Flag of the Hungarian Revolution (in French)

8 min 30 13 May 2024

The popular uprising in 1956 against the communist regime in Hungary marked a turning point in the country’s history. This flag from that time, with a distinctive hole in the middle, symbolises Hungary’s desire to throw off the Soviet yoke and move closer to Europe.

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Closer to the sun – Europe or Western Art (in French)

8 min 10 May 2024

Jean Lurçat’s poetic universe explodes in these monumental tapestries in the form of multicoloured suns, floating beings, plants, insects and animals, interweaving the cosmos and human reality.

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