It is crucial to associate young people with European values and, more specifically, with the Council of Europe’s core values (human rights, rule of law, democracy). The Council of Europe has always fostered an understanding of youth policy based on shared European values and on a sense of belonging to Europe.

It is in this context that the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) officially adopted this self-assessment tool for the development of youth policy. The tool was developed to help member States to self-assess their compliance with the Council of Europe’s standards for youth policy, and to serve as a basis for self-paced youth policy development.

It is hoped that this practical tool will enable member States and other stakeholders to highlight and share good practices and to measure progress over time.


The self-assessment tool is currently available in six languages.

     Self-assessment tool for youth policy
     Outil d’auto-évaluation des politiques de jeunesse
     Selbstbewertungsinstrument für Jugendpolitik
     Strumento di autovalutazione per le politiche giovanili
     Инструмент самостоятельной оценки молодежной политики
     Instrumento de autoevaluación para la política de juventud