2016‐2017 Priorities of the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector

The strategic priorities for each biennial programme of the youth sector are defined by the Joint Council on Youth, which is the central co‐managed political body of the youth sector.

The three strategic priorities for the 2016‐2017 biennium will be to focus on:

  • supporting young people and member States in increasing the participation of young people in democratic processes;
  • supporting member States and youth NGOs in the implementation of Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 on the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights (ENTER recommendation);
  • supporting the promotion of inclusive and peaceful societies, especially through the extended No Hate Speech Movement and the Roma Youth Action Plan.

The Programming Committee on Youth is the co‐managed body taking decisions on the programme of the youth sector, including the grants awarded by the European Youth Foundation.

When taking its decisions, the Programming Committee on Youth examines a proposed project’s links with the expected results and how it can contribute to achieving the overall objectives of the youth sector.

The following expected results and programme orientations have been defined for 20162017.