2022-25 Priorities of the Council of Europe youth sector

The thematic priorities of the youth sector until 2030 are described in its Strategy 2030. The strategic priorities for the next four years, ie the outcomes and programme orientations, are defined by the Joint Council on Youth (CMJ), which is the central co‐managed political body of the youth sector, and adopted by the Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe’s decision-making body.

The five strategic priorities for 2022‐25 will focus on:

  • Revitalising pluralistic democracy
  • Young people’s access to rights
  • Living together in peaceful and inclusive societies
  • Youth work
  • Intergovernmental co-operation on youth policy

Thanks to these priorities:

  • Young people from all spectrums of European societies will be empowered to participate in pluralistic democracy and to promote human rights in order to promote and build inclusive societies based on being equal in dignity and rights.
  • Member States will take concrete measures to develop and implement youth policies based on Council of Europe standards thereby facilitating young people's access to rights.

In 2022-25, the Youth for Democracy programme should contribute to bringing about changes in the knowledge, awareness and access to resources of the beneficiaries of its action as follows:

For further information on the Council of Europe programme for 2022-25, please consult the Programme and Budget.