Like any organisation, the Council of Europe youth sector needs a strategy in order to set its direction and to establish its priorities. We and our partners need to know where we’re going, why we are going there, what we want to achieve when we get there.

Our current strategy is called Agenda 2020 and it has been guiding our activities since 2008.

What is Agenda 2020?

“Agenda 2020” is a medium-term strategic document on youth policy. It was unanimously approved by the youth ministers of almost 50 European States at the 8th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth in Kyiv on 10-11 October 2008. It expresses the pan-European consensus on the principles, priorities and approaches of the youth sector's work.

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 What happens after 2020?

A strategy does not appear overnight.  This is why the Joint Council on Youth has already started to think about what should come after 2020.  Following an analysis of the key highlights and achievements of Agenda 2020, the Joint Council has drawn up a roadmap for the development of the Council of Europe's new mid-term youth strategy, provisionally entitled Youth Sector Strategy 2030.

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