The Council of Europe and Youth policy - Support, assistance and resources for youth policy development in Member States


Youth Policy brochureThe Council of Europe and Youth Policy

This brochure is directed at representatives of national authorities responsible for youth interested in the standard setting work of the Council of Europe Youth Sector in the field of youth policy. In it, readers can find information about the engagement of the Council of Europe in this sector, including its key principles, such as comanagement, which fosters youth participation in decision making, as well as about the Council of Europe’s main activities in the area of youth policy. Furthermore, readers can find out more about the package of support measures offered to governments interested in developing and/or evaluating their youth policies, in part or in their entirety, in view of international, specifically Council of Europe, standards and about how to engage with those.

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Brochure of the Council of Europe Youth Department

Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life

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