What are study sessions?

Study sessions are based on co-operation between the partner organisations and the Council of Europe’s Youth Department (YD).

Study sessions are international educational youth seminars (meetings), lasting between four and eight days, which bring together members of youth organisations or networks and experts for discussions on a specific subject leading to conclusions relevant to the priorities and programmes of the Council of Europe Youth sector.

They are organised in co-operation with youth organisations and networks, and are hosted by one of the European Youth Centres in Strasbourg or Budapest.

What are the topics?

The selection of topics and partner organisations for study sessions is based on applications submitted twice a year by youth organisations and decided upon by the Programming Committee on Youth. These activities are almost fully financed by the Council of Europe in accordance with guidelines available at the Secretariat.

The scope and extent of the subject matter of study sessions indicates that they remain a key tool for co-operation with youth organisations to develop their own thematic foci and to multiply their organisational culture. Creativity and innovation in methodological as well as thematic terms are also important aspects of study sessions.

Application deadlines

Please note that every year, the deadline to apply is 15 April for the study sessions taking place the 1st Semester of the following year, and 15 October for the study sessions taking place the 2nd Semester of the following year.

Study sessions
Study sessions in 2024
22 - 26 April 2024 European Youth Centre Budapest

(de)Grading of education

13 - 18 May 2024 European Youth Centre Budapest

We choose PEACE

27 May - 1 June 2024 European Youth Centre Strasbourg

Finding your voice

10 - 15 June 2024 European Youth Centre Strasbourg

Creating Safe and Brave Spaces

23 - 28 September 2024 European Youth Centre Strasbourg

Positive Storytellers