A training course for young refugees and youth leaders to design and apply advocacy projects to promote the human rights and social inclusion of young refugees

The course will strengthen the conceptual understanding of human rights and explore the role of CM/Rec (2019)4 on Supporting young refugees in transition to adulthood in youth advocacy projects. Furthermore, the course will enhance competence of participants in design and implementation targeted advocacy strategies in their own organisational and institutional context.


  • To learn about the Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)4, its proposed measures and the examples outlined in the user-friendly guidelines to the Rec.
  • To develop a shared understanding of advocacy and motivate participants to apply it in their own organisational context institutional environment.
  • To develop competence to design and implement advocacy strategies or projects notably in the areas of the CM/Rec(2019)4.
  • To empower the participants by equipping them with the existing tools, instruments and practices.
  • To support the participants to develop an advocacy action to be implemented in collaboration with the sending organisation and/or the relevant stakeholders.  
  • Strengthening networking and the cooperation between the participants and with other existing networks.

 Profile of participants

The training course will be open for young refugees or youth policy/work actors and youth leaders who possess direct working experience with young refugees and who want to develop competences in advocacy, campaigning, and have a strong commitment for follow-up activities.

  • Young refugees
  • Youth and community leaders
  • Youth workers (paid or volunteers)
  • Social workers and other professionals working with reception and hosting centres or other institutions dealing directly with young refugees
  • Volunteers with refugee-founded NGOs
  • Other associated professionals having access to the wider community of young refugees and motivated to be engaged in youth work.

 13 – 18 June 2022

European Youth Centre