A consultative meeting

organised by the Youth Department
in co-operation with the Council of Europe Conference of INGOs
and the European Youth Forum

to explore the

Shrinking space for civil society: its impact on young people and their organisations

7 – 8 November 2018

European Youth Centre Strasbourg

Meeting report





  • Jorge Orlando Queiros, European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ)
  • Lea Meister, Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ)
  • Rares-Augustin Craiut, Council of Europe Conference of INGOs
  • John Lisney, European Youth Forum
  • Ruxandra Pandea, Facilitator
  • Dariusz Grzemny, Rapporteur
  • Balint Molnar, Deputy Director, European Youth Centre Budapest, Council of Europe
  • Joanne Hunting, Secretary to the Advisory Council on Youth, Council of Europe
  • Claudia Montevecchi, programme assistant, Council of Europe


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