The main decisions taken by the statutory bodies in October 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the youth sector statutory plenary meetings were again held online. The meetings (CDEJ, CCJ and CMJ) were very well attended (more than 120 registered participants in all) and allowed for a number of important decisions to be taken:

The European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ)
  • held a roundtable discussion on the latest youth policy developments in Europe, including post-Covid-19 recovery plans in favour of young people by national authorities;
  • took note of the implementation of the 2021 intergovernmental programme of activities in the context of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic;
  • adopted its intergovernmental programme of activities for 2022 subject to the Covid-19 situation;
  • elected its Chair and Vice-Chair for 2022, its Bureau for 2022-2023 and its representatives on the Programming Committee on Youth (CPJ).
The Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ)
  • approved the final report of its Work Plan 2020-21;
  • agreed to set up an informal task force to work on preparation of the campaign, to be reviewed in March 2022.
The Joint Council on Youth (CMJ), in a spirit of co-management
  • Agreed to start a youth campaign entitled “Youth for Democracy – Democracy for Youth” in 2022, which should focus in particular on revitalising democracy, meaningful youth participation and digitalisation;
  • Approved a draft recommendation on protecting youth civil society and young people, and supporting their participation in democratic processes, as well as its draft explanatory memorandum, which will soon be examined by the Committee of Ministers;
  • Examined the conclusions of the review of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation on access to rights, and agreed to transmit them to the Committee of Ministers;
  • Acknowledged the progress with the “Human Rights Education Youth Programme” and with the implementation of a European Youth Work Agenda;
  • Agreed to the drafting of a CM recommendation on rural youth in the next programming period;
  • Took note of the ongoing work on artificial intelligence and young people, as well as of the Task Force on greening the youth sector.