Elections - priorities - shrinking space

Some of the highlights of the March 2018 statutory meetings:

The CDEJ and the CCJ held elections: Miriam Teuma (Malta) is the new CDEJ Chair; Anja Olin Pape the new CCJ chair.

Alice Barbieri was appointed CMJ Gender Equality Rapporteur; Matic Germovsek-Znidarsic as CMJ Rapporteur on Roma Issues.

The CMJ:

  • debated the perceived shrinking space for civil society and youth organisations, the challenges it poses and discussed possible solutions;
  • discussed the upcoming review process of CM/Rec(2015)3 (Enter! Recommendation);
  • agreed to review implementation of CM/Rec(2016)7 on young people’s access to rights, focusing on discriminatory practices faced by young people and on obstacles to the right to freedom of assembly, including forming and joining associations and trade unions;
  • endorsed the high-level task force on youth work’s proposal for a common European youth work agenda, to be drafted by 2020;
  • revised the roadmap for the development of a Council of Europe “Youth Agenda 2030”.

Priorities - pilot activities 2018 - thematic debate

Some of the highlights of the October 2017 meeting

The CMJ: