The youth sector statutory bodies work on in spite of COVID-19!


The main decisions taken by the statutory bodies in March 2020

Although the youth sector statutory committee plenary meetings had to be cancelled, the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ), the Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ) and the Joint Council on Youth (CMJ) continued to work online this week in order to ensure their essential functions in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to written procedures, a number of important decisions were taken by all three committees.

Being the first meetings of the new 2020-21 biennium, the CDEJ and the CCJ elected their representatives to the Programming Committee on Youth (CPJ) for a two-year mandate.  The CCJ elected its entire Bureau, and the CDEJ elected two new members to its Bureau.

The Joint Council on Youth

The CMJ appointed a new Gender Equality Rapporteur and a new Rapporteur on Roma and Traveller Issues for 2020-2021, and for the first time, appointed a co-ordinator on strategic communications, visibility and outreach.

A number of decisions that are important for the Youth for Democracy for programme were taken, including:

  • endorsement of the conclusions and recommendations of the review of the implementation of the Enter! Recommendation on access to social rights;


  • a green light for the group drafting a Committee of Ministers’ recommendation on protecting youth civil society to continue its work;
  • a request to ensure the impact of the Roma Youth Action Plan (RYAP) 2016-2019 is reflected in the Council of Europe Strategic Action Plan on Roma and Travellers;

At the conclusion of the “Youth.Together” project on social inclusion of refugees through youth work, the CMJ thanked the Flemish authorities for their financial support to the project, and the partners and participants for their commitment.

Looking to the future, the CMJ invited the Advisory Council on Youth to think about topics and methodologies for a new possible youth campaign in time for a discussion during the next plenary meeting, following the conclusions of the "lessons learned" working group.

The Advisory Council on Youth

The CCJ organised its contribution to the youth sector's activities by agreeing which member would follow which portfolio.  It also decided to set up a COVID-19 support group to explore how best to adapt the Council of Europe youth sector’s work in light of the unprecedented circumstances in order to pursue its mission for the benefit of young people in Europe.