The aim of the Council of Europe’s youth policy is to provide young people - girls and boys, young women and young men - with equal opportunities and experience which enable them to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to play a full part in all aspects of society. All the activities of the programme of the Youth Department should be accessible to all young people.

The European Youth Centres in Budapest (EYCB) and Strasbourg (EYCS) are striving to be accessible to young people with disabilities. The implementation of the Council of Europe Disability Strategy relies on its mainstreaming across the organisation, including its youth sector.

The manual Promoting Accessibility of the Training and Education Programme provides essential information and tips for people working in the European Youth Centres but should also be useful other people interested in including young people with disabilities in their activities. The manual is a result of a Consultative Meeting on Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities in Youth Activities of the Council of Europe, held in 2015.

Compass, the manual on human rights education with young people, includes also practical activities and background information on Disability and Disablism.