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 Global 16 Days Campaign is a worldwide initiative to call for the elimination of gender-based violence.

This campaign is run annually from November 25th (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to December 10th (International Human Rights Day).

In 2022, the Campaign will continue its multi-year theme of “Ending Femicide”.

Under the initiative of the Gender Equality rapporteur of the Joint Council on Youth, youth organisations and human rights activists are invited to join the 16 Days of Activism Campaign.


 Please consult this page for additional information about each day. 

 A webinar is also planned for 6 December 2022.


 The number of femicides in Europe has been increasing throughout the years. According to statistics, the number of gender-based violence cases against women has risen by 19 percent in the last year alone. It is estimated that one-third of all women in Council of Europe member states report that they have experienced violence since the age of 15. The Council of Europe Convention on Prevention and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (also known as the Istanbul Convention) is not yet ratified by all member states. This is a stark reminder that more needs to be done so that commitments to ending violence against women are effective and shared all across Europe.

As youth organizations and communities of youth work practitioners, it is important for us to join forces in addressing gender-based violence and its impact on young women and girls.


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