The combined efforts of the Council of Europe youth sector, member states and youth organisations are contributing to the development of youth work policy and practices in Europe.

     Co-operation and synergies between the different stakeholders are key to ensuring the successful dissemination and implementation of Recommendation CM/Rec(2017)4.  Below is a list of activities that have been and will be implemented over the next few years.

     Progress in the implementation of this recommendation will be assessed five years after its adoption, that is to say in 2023, when the Joint Council on Youth will review:

  • any measures that member states have undertaken and any results;
  • any projects and initiatives carried out by youth organisations;
  • any plans or projects carried out by or with local/regional authorities;
  • the results and outcomes of the ad hoc high-level task force on youth work.

Activities in 2020

Activities in 2019:

Activities in 2018:

Activities in 2017: