Back Young No Hate Speech activists stand up for human rights and democracy

Young No Hate Speech activists stand up for human rights and democracy

In the period from 15 to 20 April, the European Youth Centre Strasbourg is hosting 35 young activists for a study session “Activist Academy: Standing up for human rights and democracy” organised by the No Hate Speech Network, in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

 The study session aims to empower young human rights activists to challenge hate speech online through human rights education. Participants started the session by exploring human rights and democracy, moving onto identification of hate speech by analysing scenarios and using the Hate Speech Calculator. In the upcoming days, they will explore existing and past campaigns such as Democracy Here Democracy Now and manuals such as Compass and Bookmarks in order to create a digital campaign that will be implemented in the aftermath of the study session.

 The objectives of the study session are:

  • To develop youth activists’ understanding of human rights education by learning about, through and for human rights;
  • To develop the competences of young activists to challenge hate speech and stand up for democracy and human rights online;
  • To develop the competences of young activists to apply the Human Rights Education methodology and resources, such as Bookmarks, We CAN, Compass, Compasito, etc;
  • To create a community of activists to develop and implement a joint digital campaign promoting human rights and democracy online;
  • To support sharing and partnership building between young activists from different countries and contexts;
  • To contribute to the implementation of the NHSN strategy.

 Apart from intensive learning sessions and engaging experiential activities such as role plays group work and simulations, participants will also enjoy Strasbourg and create new friendships.

 More information about the study session can be found on the dedicated webpage.

European Youth Centre Strasbourg 17 April 2024
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