Democracy Here |Democracy Now is a Council of Europe project coordinated by the Youth Department and aiming at revitalising democracy through strengthening mutual trust between young people and democratic institutions and processes.

The project has different phases: 

  • preparation (2020-2021) involved further developing the concept within the Statutory Bodies of the youth sector, mobilising partners and resources. 
  • campaigning (2022) involved a democratic campaign addressing and involving young people in all member states and beyond to address the challenges to democracy and the role they can play in revitalising it. The flagship activity, Youth Action Week: Democracy Now! resulted in a Call for action issued by 450 young activists gathered in Strasbourg. 
  • making the Call for action a reality is the goal of the third phase (2023) with activities taking place at local, national and international level to strengthen youth participation in all democratic processes and institutions. 

On this website, you can find information about the activities at local, national and international levels, as well as useful resources and ideas. Join us!

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Video of the Youth Action Week: Democracy Now!