Evaluation and follow-up conference


  31 January - 2 February

   European Youth Centre Strasbourg 


 About the conference

The Youth Department has started the implementation of the project “Youth revitalising democracy”, a 
response to the challenges faced by democratic systems and institutions in recent years. The project follows up the youth campaign Democracy Here | Democracy Now and aims to strengthen the commitment of young people to the values of democracy and human rights, as well as their role and contribution to processes of democratic revitalisation.

In this context, 80 young activists, representatives of the youth civil society and of national authorities come together in the Evaluation and follow-up conference to take stock of the results of the youth campaign “Democracy Here | Democracy Now” and to plan the follow-up in 2023 and beyond in all its aspects together. The conference takes place in European Youth Center in Strasbourg from 31 January to 2 February 2023.


 Objectives of the conference

  • to take stock of the results of the Democracy here | Democracy now youth campaign at local, national and international level, with a particular attention to the key issues and good practices emerging from it;
  • to facilitate networking, sharing and learning from each other;
  • to develop a shared understanding of the follow-up project and the role of the participants within it, along with communication channels and support measures;
  • to further develop the plan of activities in the framework of the follow-up project, with a particular view to the activities at national and local level and their synergy with the activities foreseen at European level.


You read the programme of the conference here or consult the list of participants here.