The Youth Action Week is the flagship event of the Democracy Here | Democracy Now campaign and of the anniversary of 50 years of the youth sector in the Council of Europe. The event is organised under the patronage of the Irish Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and in partnership with the City of Strasbourg.


The Council of Europe Youth Action Week brings together activists, civil society, member States and partners of the youth sector to strengthen the youth campaign for revitalising democracy and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the youth sector of the Council of Europe.


  • To discuss and deepen the understanding of the current challenges and attacks on democracy and their impact on young people and society 
  • To design and plan interventions, activities, actions, projects in the youth campaign with a focus on revitalising democracy, meaningful youth participation and digitalisation
  • To celebrate the fifty years of the youth sector of the Council of Europe and reflect on its relevance for young people, youth policy and the mission of the Council of Europe in promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law
  • To give an impetus for joint action and cooperation in the framework of the Democracy Here | Democracy Now campaign at local, national and international level.

 Expected outcomes

The call for action

The week will result in proposals for action at local, national and international level in the framework of the Democracy Here | Democracy Now youth campaign, including recommendations addressed to stakeholders aiming to revitalise democracy and support the meaningful participation of young people in democratic processes and institutions.


A written report outlining the main outcomes of the discussions, the proposals for the pledge for action and a video about the Youth Action Week will be produced.

 Concept and call for participants

To read more about the programme of the activity, go here