The Council of Europe Youth Department supports, in the framework of the Democracy Here |Democracy Now project, the organisation of two training courses for youth workers on human rights education with young Ukrainian refugees and host communities in Romania. The training course is organised by the National Youth Foundation and the Timiș County Youth Foundation, and co-funded by the European Union. The course takes place in the Youth Centre in Bucharest, between 27 February and 4 March 2023. 

The training courses aim to develop the competences of youth workers to prepare, implement and evaluate human rights education activities and programmes based on the approaches of Compass – The Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People.

The courses bring together 42 participants, youth workers active in the 11 youth centres in Romania, as well as youth workers from youth civil society in Ukraine. The training courses are held in Ukrainian and English language.

Following the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, youth work stakeholders have responded fast to the situation caused by the war in Ukraine by providing support either within the country or to Ukrainian youth that took refuge in other member states of the Council of Europe.

The National Foundation for Youth in Romania is one of the youth work stakeholders that responds to the challenges and needs of Ukrainian youth taking refuge in Romania through a complex programme run through youth centres in 10 cities in Romania. The response includes psychological support and language classes, but as well youth work activities that target both the young Ukrainian refugees as well as the hosting communities. The work done involves work in mixed teams (Ukrainian and Romanian) to identify the needs of young people, including outreach youth work, and to offer a regular programme of activities in the youth centres based on the needs identified, creating a safe space for youth engagement and solidarity, while countering hate speech and discrimination.

The project builds on the experience and standards developed by the Council of Europe for youth work, human rights education with young people, the Quality standards for youth centres  the Youth work portfolio, and, most notably, the Council of Europe recommendation CM/Rec(2019)4 on supporting young refugees in transition to adulthood.  


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