Bookmarks, a manual for combating hate speech through human rights education, was specifically created to support the No Hate Speech Movement. The manual presents activities designed for young people aged 13 to 18, but which are adaptable to other age groups.

The updated 2020 version  includes various activities and information on the Council of Europe guide "Human Rights for internet users"


Download Bookmarks in English (PDF)

Connexions is the French version of Bookmarks.

Other languages

Other language versions of Bookmarks have been prepared by campaign partners.

The manual is also available in AlbanianArabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani,  DutchEstonianGerman (Austrian edition)German (German edition)GeorgianFinnishGreekHungarianItalianMacedonianMontenegrinNorwegianPolishPortugueseRomanian, Slovak, Spanish and  Ukrainian.

Contact the national campaign committees or the European secretariat for more information or a copy of the manual in other languages.

Publication in other languages

If you are interested in translating Bookmarks into another language, you can consult our conditions in the Guidelines for the translation of manuals and fill in the expression of interest form.