The No Hate Speech Movement social media channels mobilise people to combat hate speech and take action to promote human rights online.


As part of the youth campaign, the Youth Department of the Council of Europe has launched:

  • The No Hate Speech Movement Facebook page, to campaign during international action days and give visibility to events organised by national campaigns, organisations and the Council of Europe
  • The Twitter account @nohate_speech, which provides instant updates about events attended by the Council of Europe, national campaigns and activists
  • #nohatespeech, widely used by national campaigns and activists to share concerns about human rights online
  • Flickr albums, collecting memes and images challenging hate speech
  • A Youtube channel, with campaign messages, interviews and reports on events.


Social media platforms in national languages are run by the national campaigns.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Facebook page and Twitter account have mainly been used by the national campaigns, which continue to promote the No Hate Speech Movement and young people’s initiatives for promoting human rights online.