Taking action against hate speech online makes the Internet a safer and freer space for everyone, which upholds human rights.

Taking action involves raising awareness and educating about the risks that hate speech poses to human rights and democracy. It also entails reacting and reporting cases of hate speech to social media platforms and national authorities and countering it by providing human rights based alternatives. Taking action also means promoting responsible behaviour online and digital citizenship.

Draw inspiration

Draw Inspiration from the publication on the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign of the Council of Europe 2012-2017 and the many campaign and educational tools available in the Compendium of resources of the No Hate Speech Movement.

The No Hate Speech Movement

The No Hate Speech Movement stemmed from the Council of Europe youth campaign aimed at addressing and combating hate speech by mobilising young people to speak up for human rights and democracy online. Launched in 2013, the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign was, until 2017, co-ordinated at European level by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. The movement continues across Europe and beyond through the work of the national campaigns and campaign activists.