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Council of Europe Award “Young Active Citizens”


Please try to be complete but comprehensive while writing your text for this application. A maximum of 4 pages will be accepted.

Please note that the contact person is not necessarily the responsible or carrier of the project but the person that can be contacted by the Council for more information or explanation in English or French

Only send extra material (leaflets, press articles,…) if it gives additional and necessary information. Even more, we expect your application by email. Only send it by fax or normal mail if you don’ t have email access.
We expect your application the 15th July 2007 at the latest. You can always send it before.
If you have any questions you need to see clarified before you send in your application, please send an email to

The prize aims at supporting your project, promoting it throughout Europe, visualizing the principles of co management and at reinforcing your European dimension

Council of Europe Award