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The Trainers Pool of the Youth Department

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The Trainers Pool of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe is a list of trainers and educational experts experienced in non-formal education and intercultural learning applied to international youth activities.
Trainers from the pool are contracted to support the educational staff of the Youth Department in the implementation of the youth programme of the Council of Europe and to contribute to the quality of its education and training activities.

How does it work? 

The Trainers Pool functions as a database of contacts of trainers who are, in principle, considered competent to contribute to the implementation of the programme of activities of the youth sector of the Council of Europe.
While respecting and promoting the inherent diversity of youth work across Europe, the youth sector of the Council of Europe has identified a set of quality criteria applying to its education and training activities. The quality standards and criteria are available here.
The trainers in the pool should contribute to the implementation of these standards in the activities that they are contracted for.

At regular intervals and according to the needs of the programme, the secretariat of the Youth Department (usually the Education and Training Division) publishes calls for expressions of interest from trainers in the Pool. These calls are activity-specific and provide details about the nature of the role and tasks to be performed and of the required competencies. The Youth Department published 39 calls in 2013.
In managing the Pool, the educational team pays specific attention to the ability of the individual trainers and to the need for each specific activity team to function. It must therefore make sure that all areas of competence relevant for the activity are covered, that the individual trainers can work together as a team and that the necessary sex/gender and geographical balances are safeguarded. Trust and transparence are very important in this process.

The calls are currently published through the online platform of the Trainers Pool. The assessments of expressions of interest by the trainers, and the consequent selection of trainers, are made on the basis of the documents submitted by the applicants complemented by feed-back on previous experiences. Efforts are always made to involve as many trainers as possible in the yearly programme.


The Youth Department offers two types of rates: for junior and for senior trainers. The option for a junior or senior rate is made by the secretariat of the Youth Department and often reflects the perceived level of experience, expertise and the expected role of the individual trainer for a specific activity or task. It is therefore possible for a trainer to be contracted as a senior in one activity and junior in another. Being considered junior or senior is, therefore, not an assessment of the trainer’s competence as such but of their perceived relative competence in relation to the activity and to the other trainers in the specific team.

Currently, the rates for junior and senior trainers are set at 130 € / day for junior trainers and 260 € / day for senior trainers. The calculation of work days and overall honoraria are always considered on a case-by-case basis and should reflect the actual work and tasks undertaken by each trainer even if they work in a team.

Who can be admitted to the pool? 

Admission to the Pool is voluntary and based upon an application procedure which includes an application form and recommendation letters from at least two other trainers, one of which should be a member of the Trainers Pool.

To be eligible to the Pool, candidate trainers must:

1. Possess as minimum the competence of a junior trainer;

2. Have been actively involved in grassroots youth work for at least 4 years or have been actively involved in international youth work for at least 2 years;

3. Have attended a training course for trainers of a minimum of 5 working days with the Council of Europe Youth Department or other partners implementing similar trainings and have proven competencies in running intercultural non-formal education activities;

4. Be familiar with and adhere to the values and approaches of the Council of Europe in non-formal education youth activities.

Membership of the Trainers Pool expires automatically after three years for trainers who have not responded to any call for expressions of interest of been contracted for any activity. The trainers concerned may re-apply.
All trainers in the Pool are also expected to renew their profile and update their self-assessment every third year at least.
Being a member of the Trainers Pool is not a guarantee to be proposed a contract by the Youth Department.

Who can call upon the pool trainers? 

Other organisers of international or national youth activities may also call on members of the Pool to assist them in running their activities.
The “external partners” – “external” to the Youth Department of the Council of Europe – can launch calls for trainers through the Trainers Pool database. The decisions on the trainers to be invited (or not) are their sole responsibility; the educational team may give an opinion if asked; this rarely happens.
Regular external partners include intergovernmental organisations, governmental structures on youth developing and implementing youth activities, and/or other structures of the Council of Europe. Several international youth organisations also request the support of the Youth Department in identifying competent trainers for their activities.

Further information about the role and functioning of the Trainers Pool, including the conditions for publishing calls by external partners, can be found here.

Please note that the communication platform used for the Trainers Pool is currently in transition. A new platform with additional technical functions will be launched in the near future at .