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Youth Policy in Armenia

Youth policy in Armenia
Author(s) : J.Sipos, M.Czerniejewski, P.Lauritzen, J.Hunting, G.Titley, D.Dolejsiova, H.Williamson
ISBN 978-92-871-6627-2

order Youth Policy in Armenia


Executive summary


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The international review process

Chapter 3: The nation in question
The case for change and development
Conceptualising "youth"
Conceptualising "youth policy"
Delivery of youth policy - structures and finance

Chapter 4: The young people the team met
Dimensions of "youth policy" - key domains of youth policy

Chapter 5: Themes - key issues for youth policy
Participation and citizenship
Combating social exclusion and promoting inclusion
Youth information
Multiculturalism and minorities
Mobility and internationalism
Equal opportunities

Chapter 6: Supporting youth policy
Youth research
The dissemination of good practice

Chapter 7: Conclusion

References and other texts consulted