Youth - Young people building Europe

The Council of Europe and Young people

The Council of Europe wants to encourage more young people to get actively involved in strengthening civil society in Europe and to defend the values of human rights, cultural diversity and social cohesion. It also wants to promote and develop youth policies, putting special emphasis on the participation of young people. The Youth Department already regularly brings together young people, youth associations and networks, government agencies and experts for discussions and feedback on current policies and future objectives. It also encourages the development of youth associations, networks and initiatives, and promotes international co-operation.

The Council of Europe's commitment to fostering greater youth participation can be demonstrated through its system of co-management. This involves representatives from youth non-governmental organisations (NGOs) sitting down in committees with government officials who together then work out the priorities for the youth sector and make recommendations for future budgets and programmes. These proposals are then adopted by the Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe's decision-making body.

The Council of Europe has set the following programme in the youth sector for the period 2016-2017

These projects are pursued through activities ranging from training courses, study sessions, seminars, expert meetings and research, publications and advice on youth policy development. The European Youth Centres in Strasbourg and Budapest and the European Youth Foundation all play a vital role in implementing these activities through seminars, training courses and visits by experts to specific countries.


The Youth Department produces a number of PR materials, available on request at . Please write ‘’PR material order’’ in the subject line. Below you will find links to pdf versions of this material:

Young people building Europe

Young people building Europe

Les jeunes construisent l’Europe

Junge Menschen gestalten Europa

Молодые люди строят Европу

Avrupa’yı İnşaa Eden GenÁler

Compendium of Council of Europe approaches to key youth policy and youth work issues

Youth Policy cover - text
Human Rights Education cover - text
Intercultural Learning cover - text
Youth Information cover - text
Youth Participation cover - text
Non-Formal Education cover - text

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