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The AC is made up of 30 representatives from youth NGOs and networks who provide opinions and input on all youth sector activities. The AC also ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe.
Its Bureau, elected in March 2014, is made up of 5 members (Chair: Paulo Pinheiro (Portuguese National Youth Council – CNJ); Vice-Chair: Hanan Bihi (African Diaspora Youth living in Europe – ADYNE); members: Oskar Wallner (National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations – LSU); Youssef Himmat (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO) and Simona Jonas (Youth for Exchange and Understanding – YEU)).

The Terms of Reference for the period 2014-15 of Advisory Council on Youth were adopted by the Committee of Ministers 20 November 2013.


Photo of all AC members; Photo of Bureau members; Photo of AC members elected on the Programming Committee

The Advisory Council on Youth issued a statement on 28 April in solidarity with the migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers aiming for the European dream.

Call for youth representatives on the Council of Europe’s Advisory Council on Youth (2016-2017)
The Council of Europe’s youth sector works on the basis of a partnership between non-governmental youth organisations and governments, in what is known as the co-management system. This means that representatives from non-governmental youth organisations (NGYOs) and youth networks cooperate closely with government officials (European Steering Committee for Youth) to establish the standards and work priorities of the Council of Europe’s youth sector and make recommendations for future budgets and programmes.
The Advisory Council on Youth is the non-governmental partner in the co-management system.
Representatives of non-governmental youth organisations or networks not members of the European Youth Forum are invited to apply for a seat on the Advisory Council on Youth for a two-year mandate (January 2016 to December 2017).
Presentation [link]
Application form [link]
Deadline: 30 April 2015


Past news

The Advisory Council on Youth issued a statement on 8 April celebrating International Roma Day and calling on European regional and local authorities and youth structures to support the efforts of young Roma to improve European youth and Roma policies and to provide the means and tools for the participation of young Roma as full citizens.

The Advisory Council on Youth has issued its 1st Newsletter in 2015.
The Advisory Council sent a call to member states of the Council of Europe Development Bank on 23 October 2014 to consider submitting projects to the Bank which could address the problem of youth unemployment and precarious work under the "Creation and preservation of viable jobs" sector of action.

Request by the Advisory Council to the European Youth Forum (YFJ) to support a National Youth Council in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”
The Advisory Council adopted its Action Plan for 2014-2015 on 28 July 2014.
The Advisory Council on Youth issued a statement of solidarity with youth in the Balkans on 6 June 2014.
A joint statement (AC / YFJ) on the situation in Ukraine was adopted at the 31st AC meeting on 24-26 March in Budapest.


PUBLICATION: “Young Persons and the case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter” - by David Hayward with a Foreword by the Advisory Council on Youth
STUDY: Survey on young people’s awareness of their access to rights by Chaim Waibel
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Issue No. 1 – January 2015

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St. Petersburg, 22-23 September 2012 prior to the 9th European Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth
Conclusions of the Youth Event [French translation]
- Final Report (CCJ(2012)5
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