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The Youth Department is part of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation of the Council of Europe. The youth programmes of the Council of Europe are integral part of a wealth of initiatives aimed at the development of a common European cultural identity.   (more…)

Youth Peace Camp 2014

Youth Peace Camp 2014The European Youth Centre in Strasbourg will host the Youth Peace Camp 2014 between 15-23 June 2014.

The Youth Peace Camps were initiated by the Council of Europe in 2004, in cooperation with Europa Park in Rust, Germany, to bring together young people from conflict regions and to support them in initiating dialogue and cooperation.
This project promotes and supports the role of young people in peace-building activities that contributes to living together in dignity and  dialogue and brings in the perspective that youth work and youth policy can bring to peace-building processes in Europe, especially through its preventive and educational nature.
Please read the call for all the necessary information on the course.

Applicants must apply online.

Deadline for applications: 24 April 2014, Midnight CET

Seminar on Remembrance and learning
from World WarII

On 1-5 May 2014 the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs, the National Youth Council of Russia and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe will organise in the .European Youth Centre, Strasbourg a Seminar on Remembrance and learning from the World War II.

The Seminar will bring together 50 young people, representing youth and student organisations together with young politicians and journalists of the Russian Federation, of the Commonwealth of Independent States and other member states of the Council of Europe.

All candidates should apply by filling the application form (please see below) and send it before the 21st April 2014 to

Presentation of the seminar in English / in Russian


What ? a European seminar on Inclusive mobility for young people in Europe: better mobility opportunities for young people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds

When? on 6-7 May 2014

Where? Vienna, Austria

Who? the Council of Europe Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility through the Youth Card,  the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) and Jugendkarte GmbH, in the framework of the Austrian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

Profile of the participants? Governmental representatives dealing with questions of youth mobility; those engaged in academic, policy and practice related to youth mobility and youth work organisations, agencies with a specialist focus on youth mobility

You may apply here until the end of April  .


CALL FOR BIDS / EXPRESSION OF INTEREST BY CONSULTANTS- From participation to influence: can youth revitalise democracy?

The third edition of the World Forum for Democracy, which will take place in Strasbourg on 3-5 November 2014, will engage with young people and with decision-makers and opinion-formers in a reflection on the patterns of exclusion and involvement and will explore new ways of engaging young people in re-visioning the democratic arenas of today.

The Forum will explore initiatives and structures to successfully address the reasons for youth exclusion and create conditions for real youth influence.

the European Youth Foundation is looking for 1 coordinator from the Youth Sector.   The coordinator will be involved in the conception, the preparation, the implementation and the follow up of the Forum.

You may apply until 21st April 2014 


The official online Campaign platform and the European Hate Speech Watch are open for the public at

Campaign PR materials
>> Presentation brochure (March 2014)
>> Detailed brochure (June 2013)
>> Flyer
>> Poster

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The Council of Europe

Promoting Council of Europe values, youth policy and youth work standards in Europe

The Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres is an opportunity for youth centres with a structured relationship to a public authority to benefit from the Council of Europe's approach to youth work and youth policy

Read the brochure on Quality label.. (2012 version).

Call for Tender – Co-ordination of the Council of Europe programme of international reviews of national youth policies in 2014-2016

The Council of Europe is organising a Call for Tenders for ensuring the co-ordination of the Council of Europe programme of international reviews of national youth policies in 2014-2016

The programme 2014-2016 includes the youth policy review of Romania (2014-2015), the youth policy reviews of two other countries (not known yet), one in 2015 and one in 2016, as well as the drafting of a synthesis report of the youth policy reviews carried out from 2007-2013 (7 reviews).

You are invited to present an offer in accordance with the requirements set out in the appended tender file.

The deadline for submission of bids is 15 May 2014.

Please see the attached file for more information

CALL for bids / Expressions of interest by consultants

Evaluation of the programme of study sessions of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe

The Youth Department of the Council of Europe is organising an evaluation of its programme of study sessions.

Every year, the European Youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg are host to a total of 20-25 study sessions, co-organised with international youth organisations and networks.

The study sessions are run according the standards of non-formal education in place in the Youth Department and are the main way of directly associating youth leaders and multipliers from youth organisations to the programme of the Council of Europe.

More information about the study sessions can be found at

Deadline: 21st April 2014

More information >>


At its 30th meeting, 24-26 March 2014, the Joint Council on Youth expressed its concerns about the gravity of the current situation in Ukraine, notably for young people and civil society.

It underlined the necessity to react as quickly as possible to urgent challenges young people are facing, notably through the grants of the European Youth Foundation (EYF).

The Joint Council on Youth decided that urgent priority should be given to pilot activities on capacity building and conflict transformation developed by Ukrainian NGOs, or European NGOs wishing to co-operate with Ukrainian NGOs on these two issues.

This decision is a fast reaction to immediate needs and a good example of the important role that young people can play at the Council of Europe, where they are directly involved in the decision making process with the governments.



UNCHR and Council of Europe
Launch of a report on transition to adulthood for young refugees and asylum-seekers

The report ‘Unaccompanied asylum-seekers and Refugee Children Turning Eighteen: What to Celebrate?’ was launched on 13th March during the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons in Paris.

The report is a joint initiative of UNHCR and Youth Department Council of Europe to conduct a field research on State practices regarding the support given during transition to adulthood of unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee children.

The report highlights the clear need for harmonization of existing legal frameworks and practices, strengthened with comprehensive guidelines for member states. Key safeguards for children should be extended after de age of majority; this includes ensuring access to education, housing and support with entering into employment.

The most concerning finding was lack of clear and transparent information about the consequences of reaching the age of majority. Young unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee in transition are in need of adequate psychological support.  The report contains clear suggestions from young refugees for youth workers, and state actors.

Programme of the report launch

The report can be downloaded here


The European Portfolio for youth leaders and youth workers is an initiative of the Council of Europe in cooperation with experts and partners such as the European Commission and the European Youth Forum.

It provides youth leaders and youth workers in Europe, volunteers or professionals, with a tool which can help them identify, assess and describe their competencies based on European quality standards.

After distributing hundreds of Portfolios in Europe and beyond, our English stock is now empty. But keep an eye on this site, as a brand new online version is due towards the end of 2014!

In the meantime, you may still use your Portfolio in its online versions, in English, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian!! (the French Portfolio is still available in its paper version.)

If you don't know the Portfolio yet, have a look at the presentation...