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The Youth Department is part of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation of the Council of Europe. The youth programmes of the Council of Europe are integral part of a wealth of initiatives aimed at the development of a common European cultural identity.   (moreÖ)

EYF (Re)generation
Call for participants

EYF (Re)generationStrasbourg, 16 December 2014

From 18 to 20 February 2015, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe is organising a seminar with representatives of local/national youth NGOs experienced in running youth projects.

The EYF is launching a call for participants who cal apply until 5th January 2015.

Presentation and call

Please read the News on the EYF website for more information and to access the application

Pool of trainers in non-formal education for the Russian Federation

From 6 to 14 December in Moscow region took place the Long-term training-course of trainers in non-formal education and intercultural learning in the Russian Federation organised by the National Youth Council of Russia and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The course aimed to contribute to the quality of educational activities in the youth field in the Russian Federation by developing competences of trainers in non-formal education and intercultural learning.

The training course had also a strategic function in advancing the quality and recognition of the non-formal education in the Russian Federation by opening the discussion on quality standards at national level and making the first steps in the establishment of a Pool of Trainers.

The Action plan for 2014-2015 of the Framework Programme between the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the field of youth policy contains around 20 activities and more than half of them aim to promote cultural diversity and to strengthen interreligious and intercultural dialogue and solidarity.

For the implementation of these activities, and as well for the implementation of youth activities in the Russian Federation, there is a need for trainers with experience and sound understanding of intercultural learning and dialogue, and with commitment to the Council of Europe values and approaches in the field.


The official online Campaign platform and the European Hate Speech Watch are open for the public at

Campaign PR materials
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of Youth publications, reports, manuals... The publications are listed in alphabetical order. Just click on titles to consult them online

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The Council of Europe

Promoting Council of Europe values, youth policy and youth work standards in Europe

The Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres is an opportunity for youth centres with a structured relationship to a public authority to benefit from the Council of Europe's approach to youth work and youth policy

Read the brochure on Quality label.. (2012 version)


The European Portfolio for youth leaders and youth workers is an initiative of the Council of Europe in cooperation with experts and partners such as the European Commission and the European Youth Forum.

It provides youth leaders and youth workers in Europe, volunteers or professionals, with a tool which can help them identify, assess and describe their competencies based on European quality standards.

After distributing hundreds of Portfolios in Europe and beyond, our English stock is now empty. But keep an eye on this site, as a brand new online version is due towards the end of 2014!

In the meantime, you may still use your Portfolio in its online versions, in English, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian!! (the French Portfolio is still available in its paper version.)

If you don't know the Portfolio yet, have a look at the presentation...



2nd European Youth Work Convention
Call for facilitators/workshop leaders
In the context of the Belgian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe the 2nd European Youth Work Convention will be organised on 27-30 April 2015 in Brussels, exactly five years after the 1st one that took place in Ghent, Belgium in 2010.

Since then, numerous changes have taken place in the field of youth work in Europe and the opportunity should be seized to work towards a truthful youth work strategy.

In this respect the 2nd EYW Convention aims at reviewing the developments in the field from a new and positive perspective and deliver a strong message at political level.

Please find below information on the EYWC and how to apply, until 12th January 2015

Background information

Fact sheets

Application form

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The Youth Department organised from 1 to 3 December 2014 in Strasbourg a symposium with the aim to identify and strengthen the role of youth policy and youth work in responding to the challenges of young people in relation to transition to autonomy and working life.

80 representatives of governments, youth organisations, trade unions and international institutions participated in the event. Read more about the symposium in the programme

Programme of the symposium

Challenges to transition to working life and autonomy...

Council of Europe Youth Department

On 18 - 19 February 2014 the Youth department of the Council of Europe organised at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg a Consultative Meeting ''Addressing challenges to transition to working life and autonomy of young people in Europe''

The report of the Consultative meeting can be consulted here >>>


Council of Europe Youth department
Unfolding youth work: a seminar to introduce the European Youth Work Portfolio The Youth Department of the Council of Europe organised on 19 to 21 November 2014 a seminar which aimed to make a contribution to the process of recognition of youth work throughout Europe, by introducing the revised European youth work Portfolio and by associating key partners in its dissemination and future use.

The seminar brougth together 40 participants, representatives of youth agencies and ministries of the members states of the Council of Europe, youth organisations, youth workersí training services, youth workers and youth leaders.

Programme  / List of participants


On 28-30 October 2014, about 700 participants convened by a broad institutional partnership -  UN Secretary Generalís Envoy on Youth, the UNDP, the UNESCO and the Council of Europe - met in Baku, Azerbaijan, for the first event of its kind, the Global Forum on Youth Policies.

The event is hosted by the Governmentís Ministry of Youth and Sports in the framework of Azerbaijanís Chairmanship of the Council of Europeís Committee of Ministers.

Presentation and programme of the GFYP >>

Website of the GFYP >>