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The Youth Department is part of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation of the Council of Europe. The youth programmes of the Council of Europe are integral part of a wealth of initiatives aimed at the development of a common European cultural identity.   (more…)


Call for activities to be held in co-operation with the European Youth Centres during the second semester of 2015

The process for applications for activities to be held in co-operation with the European Youth Centre in the second semester of 2015 is now open.

For detailed information please consult:

Criteria for Activities to be held in Co-operation with the European Youth Centres

Application Form

Call for sessions 2015

The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday 1st OCTOBER 2014!

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Tackling the Culture of Violence

IFM_SEIThe International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International - IFM-SEI is organising a study session at the European Youth Centre Budapest on 16-23 November: "Tackling the Culture of Violence".

The IFM-SEI is looking for participants for the next IFM-SEI Study Session in Budapest,‘Tackling the culture of violence’ on violence affecting children and young people'

The presentation of the study session and th application form can be found on the IFM-SEI website



The European Portfolio for youth leaders and youth workers is an initiative of the Council of Europe in cooperation with experts and partners such as the European Commission and the European Youth Forum.

It provides youth leaders and youth workers in Europe, volunteers or professionals, with a tool which can help them identify, assess and describe their competencies based on European quality standards.

After distributing hundreds of Portfolios in Europe and beyond, our English stock is now empty. But keep an eye on this site, as a brand new online version is due towards the end of 2014!

In the meantime, you may still use your Portfolio in its online versions, in English, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian!! (the French Portfolio is still available in its paper version.)

If you don't know the Portfolio yet, have a look at the presentation...


of Youth publications, reports, manuals... The publications are listed in alphabetical order. Just click on titles to consult them online

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Educational Responses to Islamophobia and Discrimination against Muslims in Europe

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On 17-19 September the European Youth Centre Budapest organised a seminar on Educational responses to islamophobia and discrimination against muslims in Europe

The seminar aimed to explore and understand the dimensions Islamophobia and its expression through online hate speech and explored the role of education in combating it and promoting religious tolerance and understanding.

The seminar also made concrete proposals for actions and initiatives to implemented online and offline in the framework of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign, contributed to the implementation of the European Action Day against Islamophobia and Religious Intolerance on 21 September 2014 and proposed ways to implement and apply the “Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrmination against Muslims. Addressing Islamophobia through Education”.

The outcomes of the seminar contributed to the campaign's action against islamophobia and religious intolerance on 21 September  >>

Seminar presentation and programme

Live stream programme at: 

Islamophobia and its consequences on Young People (Publication)


Inclusive Online Engagement for Young people
EYCACouncil of EuropeThe Council of Europe Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility through the Youth Card and European Youth Card Association (EYCA) invite participants to a seminar ''Inclusive Online Engagement For Young People in Europe: to support youth mobility and active citizenship''

The European Seminar will take place at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg on 11 November 2014 Strasbourg''

You may apply until 10th October 2014 by filling in this form, that also presents the activity >>

NHS GABALA 2014On 1-5 October,  250 online activists, national coordinators, bloggers and human rights defenders gather in Gabala, Azerbaijan to strenghten the campaign for human rights, the No Hate Speech Movement.

The Forum of the Movement is an activity of the Azerbaijani chairmenship of the Council of Europe and organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan and the National Assembly of Youth Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA).

The forum should result in a road map for the next six months of the campaign and for its follow-up in the member states. The participants will share achievements and challenges relating to human rights and hate online and offline, including gender-based hate peech, hate speech in armed conflicts and Internet safety.

A message of the forum will be issued on the closing session and will be presented to the Committee of Ministers and the Joint Council on Youth.

The programme and works of the forum can be followed at A copy of the draft programme is enclosed for information.

Enter ! LTTC : second residential seminar

From 4 to 15 September 2014, the Youth Department organised the second residential seminar of the long-term training course for youth workers on access to social rights.

The seminar is the last phase of a two-year training course that involved 25 youth workers from all over Europe in promoting access to social rights for young people who experience exclusion, violence and discrimination.

Please learn more about the seminar here.


The official online Campaign platform and the European Hate Speech Watch are open for the public at

Campaign PR materials
>> Presentation brochure (March 2014)
>> Detailed brochure (June 2013)
>> Flyer
>> Poster
The Council of Europe

Promoting Council of Europe values, youth policy and youth work standards in Europe

The Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres is an opportunity for youth centres with a structured relationship to a public authority to benefit from the Council of Europe's approach to youth work and youth policy

Read the brochure on Quality label.. (2012 version)

UNCHR and Council of Europe
Launch of a report on transition to adulthood for young refugees and asylum-seekers

The report ‘Unaccompanied asylum-seekers and Refugee Children Turning Eighteen: What to Celebrate?’ was launched on 13th March during the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons in Paris.

The report is a joint initiative of UNHCR and Youth Department Council of Europe to conduct a field research on State practices regarding the support given during transition to adulthood of unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee children.

The report highlights the clear need for harmonization of existing legal frameworks and practices, strengthened with comprehensive guidelines for member states. Key safeguards for children should be extended after de age of majority; this includes ensuring access to education, housing and support with entering into employment.

The most concerning finding was lack of clear and transparent information about the consequences of reaching the age of majority. Young unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee in transition are in need of adequate psychological support.  The report contains clear suggestions from young refugees for youth workers, and state actors.

Programme of the report launch

The report can be downloaded here