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The Youth Department is part of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation of the Council of Europe. The youth programmes of the Council of Europe are integral part of a wealth of initiatives aimed at the development of a common European cultural identity.   (more…)


International Women’s Day 2016: Action Day against online sexist hate speech.

The European Action Day will mobilise the 40 national campaigns and 60 European partners of the No Hate Speech Movement to take action and raise awareness about the damages of online sexist hate speech.

The February seminar will bring together youth activists and representatives of women’s rights organisations in order to discuss and agree on common messages and advocacy approaches in order to best address sexist hate speech on the action day on 8 March 2016.

You can join the action day and follow the preparations on


EYE2016 - Registrations open

EYE2016The European Parliament is happy to announce that registrations are now open for the next edition of the European Youth Event  that will take place on 20-21 May 2016.

Several thousand young Europeans aged between 16 and 30 years will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives and ideas for the future of Europe and develop new ideas to tackle the challenges facing Europe - together  with European decision-makers; stage various cultural shows to demonstrate the rich cultural diversity within the European Union.

Participants will engage in workshops, debates and other activities related to five main themes, namely:
 - War and Peace: Perspectives for a Peaceful Planet;
 - Apathy or Participation: Agenda for a Vibrant Democracy;
 - Exclusion or Access: Crackdown on Youth Unemployment;
 - Stagnation or Innovation: Tomorrow’s World of Work;
 - and Collapse or Success: New Ways for a Sustainable Europe

This programme is a work in progress and will unfold in the upcoming months before the opening of registration of activities in March 2016, when each EYE participant can book the activities they would like to attend.

 All you want to know on the EYE2016


The European Portfolio for youth leaders and youth workers is an initiative of the Council of Europe in cooperation with experts and partners such as the European Commission and the European Youth Forum.

It provides youth leaders and youth workers in Europe, volunteers or professionals, with a tool which can help them identify, assess and describe their competencies based on European quality standards.

After distributing hundreds of Portfolios in Europe and beyond, our English stock is now empty. However, the new online version is now available! (link below)

You may also still use your Portfolio in its online versions, in English, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian!! (the French Portfolio is still available in its paper version.) If you don't know the Portfolio yet, have a look at the presentation...


(please write to the youthportfolio address if you wish to receive a print copy of the brochure)


You might have recently come across an invitation to the 2nd Youth Department of the Council of Africa-Europe Global Youth Conference 2016 (Singapore):

THIS IS A SCAM, a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company likely in an attempt to obtain from you money, personal information or something else of value.

The Council of Europe logos and venues are used without our permission.


Please note that there is no such organisation as Council of Africa-Europe.

The Council of Europe is NOT organising this event, neither in its European Youth Centre in Budapest nor through its European Youth Foundation. Neither are we aware of any Global Youth Conference 2016 in Singapore organised by a so called Youth Department of the Council of Africa-Europe.

If you google this event, you will come across a number of websites which all seem to copy from each other and thus do not seem trustworthy.   

Combating Sexist Hate Speech

A seminar of the No Hate Speech Movement, linked to the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy of the Council of Europe, will take place from 10 to 12 February at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg.

Sexist forms of hate speech are direct manifestations of violence against women and girls, which remains the most pronounced expression of the uneven balance of power between women and men, one of the root causes of discrimination against women.

Sexist hate speech humiliates and objectifies women, destroys their reputation and makes them vulnerable and fearful. It has devastating effects, especially on young women, and affects society’s quest to achieve gender equality.

In the survey about young people and online hate speech carried out in 2015, women are one of the top three target groups of hate speech encountered by the respondents.

The seminar will review the causes and extent of sexist hate speech on young people and identify measures to prevent, counter, report and remedy them.

The expected outcomes include:
- Proposals for the Council of Europe’s future work to combat sexist hate speech
- A strategy to address and prevent sexist hate speech through the No Hate Speech Movement campaign, starting with the 8 March 2016 (International Women’s Day)
- Exchange information on good practices to combat sexist hate speech.

The seminar is co-organised by the Department of Equality and Dignity and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

For more information please visit the No Hate Speech Campaign or the website of the Department of Equality and Dignity  


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Enter! Youth Meeting 2015
 Access to social rights for all young people 
E!YMFrom 30 June to 3 July 2015 the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg offered young people, especially those experiencing discrimination, exclusion and violence in their environment, the opportunity to have their voices heard on solutions for improving their access to social rights.

200 young people, youth workers and local and regional authorities’ representatives from all over Europe joined the Enter! Youth Meeting, in order to learn and share experiences about social rights, situations and responses in other countries, as well as about the work of the Council of Europe in this field.

The implementation of the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to the Member States on the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights was also discussed.

Enter! Access to Social Rights for Young People from Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods - 2015 updated Edition 
The European Youth Work Convention 2015 was one of the flagship initiatives of the Belgian Chairmanship of the Council of Europe (November 2014 - May 2015).

It took place five years after the 1st Convention, organised in Ghent from 7 to 10 July 2010 in the framework of the Belgian EU Presidency

This 1st Convention resulted in the Declaration of Ghent and the Resolution of the EU Council of 18-19 November 2010 on Youth Work, a milestone for the recognition and support of youth work in Europe.

The Council of Europe Youth Department will ensure a follow-up to the declaration by drafting a Committee of Minister’s recommendation on “The contribution of youth work to education and inclusion of young people”.

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