The Youth Department of the Council of Europe organised in 2015 – 2016 a long-term training of trainers in non-formal education with young people, in order to increase the quality of Council of Europe’s youth activities and, by doing so, also to support the recognition of youth work and non-formal education.

The training course involved 23 participants from 22 countries. Participants were active in youth organisations, from the European to the local level. Throughout the course, they had a unique opportunity to develop the quality of their work, and to improve their competences to design, run and evaluation non-formal education and training activities with young people within the value framework of the Council of Europe.

TRAYCE was run by a multicultural team of trainers.

TRAYCE was part of a series of training of trainers organised by the Council of Europe; previously some of these courses have been run within the partnership with the European Commission (e.g. ATTE, TALE), others have involved other partners resources (TATEM, ACT-HRE).

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