This collection of professional literature in sociology, political science, research and education represents a very rich resource for study and learning.
Peter Lauritzen’s family kindly donated his professional library of several hundred books to the Directorate of Youth and Sport.
Following the decision of the Joint Council on Youth Questions , the books have become part of the collection of the EYCB’s library.
As an appreciation of the donation and an open source for study research, the collection has been catalogued and has been named “The Peter Lauritzen collection”. The collection is available for study and research at the European Youth Centre Budapest.


Peter Lauritzen (1942 – 2007) served the Council of Europe’s youth sector for 35 years.

  • He joined the Council of Europe in 1972 as first Tutor of the then newly established European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. In 1985 he became Deputy to the Director of the Centre.
  • From 1995 to 1999, he was the first Executive Director of the European Youth Centre Budapest, which became the first permanent service of the Council of Europe in a country of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • From 1999 – 2007, he was Head of the Youth Department and Deputy to the Director of Youth and Sport.

Peter Lauritzen committed his whole career to the development of the Council of Europe youth sector and was instrumental in shaping youth policy, youth research, youth work and youth participation in Europe. His personal and professional commitment to the European project and his sincere trust in young people’s force to bring about positive changes was driving the sector’s development over decades.

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