EurOg KDYS Youth Information Ambassadors to promote wellbeing initiatives during the pandemic

EurOg KDYS Youth Information Ambassadors to promote wellbeing initiatives during the pandemic

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EurOg KDYS Youth Information Ambassadors held a focus group on the 2nd October 2020 attended by 17 Young People. Following on from this meeting the group decided to pursue several programmes to enable them to create a more positive focus on taking control of what they could control in relation to Covid-19.


The first initiative was to create a positive space to make things lighter and more uplifting. The working group of Ambassadors established a 5 A Day/1 A Week Positive Wellbeing Campaign which they ran online for 35 days during the month of November and December 2020, promoting positive wellbeing, fun activities, and innovative ways of staying safe and in control of what you can control when dealing with Covid-19.


The second initiative was to encourage responsible behaviour around Covid-19. This they set out to achieve through a Youth Summit in December 2020 to learn from other young people what the impacts of Covid-19 had on them both from a positive and negative perspective.


The third initiative was to produce a video to encourage young people to keep doing what they are doing and stay focused for a little longer. The video was facilitated by EurOg which is one of the centres holding the Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres, KDYS Youth Information Ambassadors and KDYS Youth Information personnel and was launched exactly one year to the day of the Irish Covid-19 Government announcement. The message was very clear: we are all in this together, stay strong. The script for the video was written by KDYS Ambassador, Michelle Maunsell and the following Ambassadors contributed to the production, Fay O’Donoghue, Nicole Curran, Christopher O’Sullivan, Sophie Daly Wilson, Hannah O’Sullivan, Lauren Foley. The Ambassadors were supported by Kerry Irish Influencers, James O’Connor, Rebecca Shortt, Kinga Grunau and Isabel Lenihan. The video was edited by Karen Burke and supported by Anne Murphy KDYS Youth Information.