Civil society under threat?

Strasbourg, France 7-8 November 2018
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Civil society under threat?

In spite of the fact that an independent and empowered civil society is an essential component of a healthy democratic system, increasingly, civil society organisations, including those representing Europe’s young people, are facing increasing infringements on their freedom of association, assembly and expression.

A democratic society, however, cannot be built or preserved if these freedoms are not guaranteed, encouraged and respected. These political freedoms are not a luxury in a democratic state, they are a necessity and an indispensable check on any democratic power. Freedom of assembly and freedom of association are key building blocks of democratic security.

Over the next two days, a number of key stakeholders will gather together in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg to discuss the “Shrinking space for civil society: its impact on young people and their organisations”, the challenges and restrictions faced by some civil society organisations, but also to examine models that are being used to ensure the meaningful participation of civil society.


 For further information, please visit our shrinking space webpage.