All different, all equal – still relevant?

European Playwork Association
21-27 November 2022
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 The aim of this study session is to empower and strengthen young youth workers from the e.p.a. network to promote Human Rights in their local communities.

 The objectives of the study session are:

  • To reflect the societal context of Human Rights and diversity in European countries, and its role for our local youth and community work; for instance using the Compass manual;
  • To discuss different dimensions of discrimination and xenophobia and their influence on political, social and individual levels;
  • To reflect disadvantaged young people’s own experiences and and recognise fears with discrimination, exclusion and being neglected;
  • To learn from CoE’s “All different – All equal” campaign;
  • To experience the potential of Play methodology, and to reflect the meaning of methods of non-formal, intercultural learning in the context of Human Rights Education