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 The European Coordination JECI-MIEC is a movement uniting European Catholic Student Organizations and working in direct connection with the two global organisations IYCS (International Youth of Catholic Students) and IMCS (International Movements of Catholic Students).


As citizens of European countries, as members of youth organisations and as individuals we are alarmed about how easily harmony and peace is endangered. Insensitive or even provocative comments both online and offline, discrimination, exclusion, gender based violence and other non-physical acts violate both individuals and society in a more subtle way than physical violence eventually could. In return these violations can lead to a chain-reaction of violence. In everyday life, such phenomena are - if at all - viewed and judged from personal or (depending on the respective viewer’s beliefs) a moral point of view but neither as Human Rights’ violations of the individual nor as infringements of peace of the society.


 Our Study Session addresses the need to view such acts of non-physical violence as infringements of Human Rights and peace and therefore as a social (if not global) issue, rather than an issue of personal beliefs or moral conduct. Viewing peace infringements through non-physical acts of violence as Human Rights’ violations can provide us with clear understanding to overcome the causes and consequences of endangered peace.

 2-6 MAY 2022

 European Youth Centre Budapest




 List of participants


European Youth Centre Budapest 2-6 MAY 2022
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