The European Youth Centre in Budapest (EYCB) with its meeting and conference rooms, restaurant area and bedrooms has a capacity of up to 300 people for events and can accommodate up to 140 overnight guests. It is used to implement the youth programme of the Council of Europe.

The Centre can also be used by Council of Europe directorates and external organisations for meetings, seminars and training courses, with accommodation and catering services available on the spot.

The EYCB enjoys diplomatic status under a seat agreement between the Council of Europe and the Hungarian State. The EYCB’s main partner ensuring the maintenance and periodic refurbishment of the centre’s building is the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Rooms and facilities

We can offer accommodation for 140 persons in spacious bedrooms with private bathroom and balcony. Facilities include 65 twin rooms, two apartments and three rooms adapted for wheelchair users, all equipped with telephones for internal calls,towels and hypoallergenic bedding, baby-cots available upon request.

We have four meeting rooms equipped for simultaneous interpretation for up to six languages and with capacities from 10 – 200 persons, mobile furniture allowing for room arrangements according to the needs of the meeting, working areas for small groups, complete audio-visual conference facilities, extensive facilities for interactive educational activities, computer room with permanent Internet access, technical assistance upon request, access control and possibility for security screening, limited private parking on request and a beautiful view over Budapest from the 4th floor conference area.

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The Peter Lauritzen Collection

This collection of professional literature in sociology, political science, research and education represents a very rich resource for study and learning. Peter Lauritzen’s family kindly donated his professional library of several hundred books to the Directorate of Youth and Sport.

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Reservation and prices

Any organisation, association or institution planning international conferences or training courses and subscribing to the aims of the Council of Europe can book the European Youth Centre Budapest as the venue for its activities, use its facilities, and establish contact and co-operation with the Council of Europe.

 The EYCB welcomes activities dealing with education and youth work, human rights, democracy and other areas related to the building of civil society. The Centre is particularly well equipped to host training and seminar activities which need facilities for interactive training methods, and conferences or meetings requiring interpretation.

How to make a booking at the EYC Budapest

Please contact the EYCB secretariat to agree on a date for the activity.
You can give us a call on +361-438-1030, e-mail us at [email protected] , or fax us on +361-212-4076.  Once the date is fixed with the EYCB, complete the booking form carefully and submit it to the EYCB secretariat.

On receipt of the booking form, the EYCB will send you confirmation of the booking with an estimate of the costs implied. Please sign it and return it to the EYCB secretariat.

Finally, a pro-forma invoice for 80% of the total cost will be sent to you. Please pay this amount upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice. This is considered as a deposit for the activity. If the final invoice is less than the deposit paid the balance will be refunded to the Organiser after the activity..

How to find your way to the European Youth Centre in Budapest?



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Publications in Hungarian
EYCB info brochure

European Youth Centre Budapest
1024 Budapest,
Zivatar utca 1-3.

Phone: +36 1 438 10 60
Fax: +36 1 212 41 07

Make a reservation

If you wish to make a reservation, please contact the EYCB secretariat to agree on a date for the activity.

Phone: +36 1 438 10 30
Fax: +36 1 212 40 76
Contact form

Once the date is fixed with the EYCB, complete the booking form carefully and submit it to the EYCB secretariat.

Visiting EYCB

The EYCB regularly welcomes groups and gives them a presentation of the Youth Department, its programmes and its activities, as well as documentation.

You may address your request to the EYCB secretariat, indicating the date/schedule you would like to visit, the number of people in your group, and if applicable the thematics of interest to you. We would appreciate if you would also mention the country(ies) you come from and the name of your organisation.