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The Trainers Pool of the Youth Department

List of trainers in the pool (Click on link - updated February 2014)

Why a Trainers Pool for the Youth Department?

The training courses and other educational activities planned and organised as a substantial part of the Youth Department (YD) programme must be delivered by experienced and reliable educational staff. The shortage of educational staff in the YD and the increasing number and specialisation of activities has led to the now standard practice of calling on the assistance of external consultants. Together these consultants constitute what is now known as the Trainers Pool of the Youth Department.

What is it? 

The Trainers Pool of the Youth Department is a database of trainers who have worked or who have shown an interest in working for the Youth Department educational activities - training courses, study sessions, seminars, etc. There are approximately 110 members listed in the database at present. This database includes information about the members, comprising of information on the trainer’s formal and non-formal educational background, their experience in training at European and national levels, their fields of expertise in training young people, key competencies and the topics they deliver training on, their language competencies and personal contact details. All members have the opportunity to indicate their 4 preferred topics in training young people from an extensive list.

What are TP members concretely asked to do? 

Members of the Trainers Pool are contacted to participate in the running of several different types of educational activity as indicated in the annual programme of the Directorate of Youth and Sport. Depending on their competencies, TP members are contacted, and later some of them are contracted as:

and occasionally

Note: Membership of the Trainers Pool does not guarantee the offer of contracts to any member of the Trainers Pool. Contracts to Pool members are offered according to the needs of the Department, usually two times per year. In the past 2 years an open call to Pool members soliciting their interest for study sessions and certain training courses was established as regular procedure.

Who are the members of the Trainers Pool of the Youth Department? 

The trainers involved in the programmes of the Youth Department usually have a long-standing experience of working with the European Youth Centres Budapest and Strasbourg and in most cases have themselves participated as trainees in one or more training courses offered by the Department. The Training for Trainers course organised by the Youth Department and other training courses are, therefore, the natural “breeding ground” for competent young people who later express the wish to become as trainers in the Department’s activities. However, many of the trainers in the Pool come from different backgrounds and have received different training which also enables them to competently run Department’s activities.

Many of the members of the Trainers Pool of the Youth Department are members of other existing networks and pools of trainers of other European institutions or organisations. Their experience and knowledge is available not only to the European institutions dealing with youth, but also to youth organisations for their activities at European and/or national level.

All the Trainers Pool members have competencies in youth work, specific sets of skills to plan, prepare, run and evaluate activities within non-formal educational context and specific knowledge on different topics relevant to youth work. The specialisation of different members varies from topics such as intercultural learning, human rights education, social exclusion and work with minorities to more skills-oriented subjects such as project management, organisational management, working with groups, etc.

The Youth Department, in the context of its training courses, offers two kinds of training contract for trainers with junior and senior statuses depending on their competencies and experience in the respective field of the course. Members of the Trainers Pool can receive a senior status and contract for one training course and a junior one for another one, depending on their competencies and level of experience in relation to the respective courses/subjects. The sets of competencies required for both profiles of trainer can be consulted at: Competences of senior trainer [PDF] and Competences of junior trainer [PDF].

How to become a member of the Trainers Pool? 

Find out how you may become a member of the TP…

How to use the Trainers Pool when you are an external partner? 

Find out how you may contact and contract a member of the TP