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How to become member of the Trainers’ Pool of the Youth Department 

Admission criteria for DJS TP and proposal to invite new members
In accordance with the dynamics of the youth work sector, the Trainers’ Pool of the Youth Department (YD TP) should ensure continuous up-date and access to the best-prepared and most competent trainers in the youth field in Europe. At the same time, the YD TP should enable trainers in the youth field, predominantly new competent young trainers to access the database and ultimately to be hired to run activities for the Youth Department.
This requires very flexible admission criteria for the new members of the Trainers’ Pool. These criteria should allow new members to enter the Pool on a continuous basis while, maintaining the high quality standards in the Youth Department and minimum level of competences required for TP members.

Minimum admission criteria for new members of the Youth Department Trainers’ Pool
The applicant should:

  • Possess the Competences of junior trainer [PDF]
  • Have been actively involved in international youth work for at least 2 years
  • Have attended Training for Trainers course (with YD or other)
  • Be recommended by 2 current members of the TP or by a team who has run a training course of the YD

Limitation: A general rule is the number of TP members should not exceed 100.
Admission criteria [PDF]

Current list of trainers (December 2009)- members of the Trainers’ Pool of the Directorate of Youth and Sport [PDF]