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Intergovernmental programme

International reviews of national youth policy

The Youth Department is running a project for the evaluation of national youth policies in member States. On the basis of an extensive national evaluation report, and study visits in the countries concerned, an expert team drafts an international evaluation report which is presented to the Steering Committee for Intergovernmental Co-operation in the Youth Field (CDEJ) and the Minister responsible for youth issues at a public hearing.

At the moment, 19 international evaluation reports are available. You can find them in the table below, or purchase them from the Council of Europe Publishing website. The 20th review on youth policy is dedicated to Greece and will be published at the Autumn 2014.

Supporting young people in Europe – Principles, policies and practice.
The Council of Europe international reviews of national youth policy 1997-2001 – a Synthesis report. Howard Williamson, 2002.
Supporting young people in Europe
- Lessons from the “second seven” Council of Europe international reviews - Volume 2 (it may also be ordered on line)


The table below presents the national youth policy reviews in their order of publication

If you click on the image, you are redirected to the Council of Europe Publishers’ website, on the National Youth Policy reviews catalogue page. If you click on the name of the country reviewed, you will have access to a PdF or word format of the report, six months after it was published

Albania (2010)

Belgium (2012)

Ukraine (2013)

Greece (2015)


Moldova (2010)

Armenia (2009)

Latvia (2008)

Hungary (2008)


Cyprus (2007)

Slovak Rep. (2007)

Malta (2005)

Norway (2004)


Lithuania (2003)

Luxembourg (2002)

Estonia (2001)

Romania (2001)


Spain (2000)

Sweden (2000)

Netherlands (2000)

Finland (1999)