Youth - Young people building Europe

15 January 2004

The region I love - youth and intercultural learning in the Balkans, (2003)

This publication is first and foremost for all of those people who live and work in the Region, and who are interested in the Balkans, whether they be youth leaders, or representatives of public authorities or institutions. It is for those people who are interested in hearing and listening to the voice of young people from the Region. As such, this booklet is not an educational manual, it will not provide answers to the challenges it presents. It does not represent any institutions’ official stance, nor that of the Council of Europe. It will not offer any conclusions other than those the reader draws for her/himself. If the reader wants to share these conclusions with the authors of this booklet, we should be most grateful! This booklet aims to be a tool to contribute to a better understanding within the Region, of the Region, for all youth leaders, youth workers who would like to further develop activities in the Balkans. It is one tool among many for all those people who think of the Balkans as “a Region they love”, a sentiment shared by all of the authors, and, we hope, by all who read it.
Information: Please mention “The Region I Love” in the subject line