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Youth policy in the Slovak Republic

Peter Lauritzen, Bjorn Jaaberg Hansen, Anthony Azzopardi, Andreas Walther, Alexandra Raykova, Dietrich Baenziger

ISBN 978-92-871-6228-1
order Youth policy in the Slovak Republic


The international review process was established to fulfil three distinct objectives:

  • to advise on national youth policy;
  • to identify components which might combine to form a harmonised approach to youth policy across Europe; and
  • to contribute to a learning process in relation to the development and implementation of youth policy.

The Youth Directorate of the Council of Europe embarked on its international review of national youth policies in 1997. The Slovak Republic, at its own request, is the 12th country to be the focus of an international review. This report includes information gathered by the international review team as well as its analyses and recommendations concerning the development, perspectives and challenges for the future of youth policy in the Slovak Republic.


Executive summary


1. Introduction to the Slovak Republic

2. European youth policy - background to the review

3. Delivery of youth policy
3.1. National and local structures

4. Youth policy - the main challenges
4.1. Decentralisation
4.2. The transition from school to work
4.3.The Roma phenomenon

5. Supporting youth policy development
5.1. Human and financial resources
5.2. Youth research
5.3. Youth work training

6. Youth policy response
6.1. Integration
6.2. Proactivity
6.3. Indicators

7. Final remarks

8. Recommendations


I: Programme - 1st visit
II: List of participants - 1st visit
III: Programme- 2nd visit
IV: List of participants - 2nd visit